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Loop Pin Brush | Oval -- Ellen Wille
Ellen Wille | Wig Brush - Loop Pin

Price $24.95



Ellen Wille - Wig Brush | Loop Pin

Hair Brushes & Combs

The loop pin hair extension brush is a must-have product for any hair extension or hair piece wearer. This loop pin brush detangles the hair quickly, and has a more gentle and softer touch than other normal hair brushes. The soft and flexible loop bristles have been positioned in such a way that they will not interfere with extension bonds, leaving your hair feeling smooth and beautiful. The differing bristle lengths not only ensure that both your natural hair and that of the hair extensions are left in excellent shape, but also are effective at removing tangles. This brush is suitable for all hair textures and lengths including curly, thick, straight and long hair. The loop pins are gentle and produce a far smoother finish than a normal hair brush - no flyaways! Extend the life of your hair extensions and hair pieces by using the correct products.

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