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Styling Tips for Hair Extensions

Styling Tips for Hair Extensions

How well you take care of your hair extensions will have a direct influence on how they will look and how long they will last. You really need to invest the time in educating yourself on how to properly style your hair extensions in order to keep them in the best possible condition. Below is a simple guide on the ONLY way to style hair extensions to make them look beautiful and last longer without damaging them.

Styling Tips - Human Hair

  • Always use a heat treat thermal spray prior to using any heat styling tools.

  • Use an argan oil hair treatment to help speed up the drying time, smooth the hair without weighing it down.

  • Do not brush hair extensions when wet, gently use a loop pin brush or wide tooth comb until the hair is dry.

  • We do not recommend that you colour or perm hair extensions or hair pieces... seek a professional.

  • To keep the vitality of human hair extensions, you should use a conditioner as a mask. Apply mid lengths to end and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly in cold water and follow the drying instructions as stated above.

Styling Tips - Synthetic Hair

  • Do not use heat styling tools - curling irons, hair straighteners or blow dryers.

  • Do not stand close to an oven, bbq or heater.

  • Styling is very easy with synthetic hair extensions. We recommend simply using your fingertips or a loop pin brush for your desired style.

  • If fullness is desired, backcomb the hair gently using a loop pin brush or wide tooth comb, then smooth the surface hair over and apply a holding spray.

  • We recommend using a synthetic hair detangling spray with a wide tooth comb to detangle. This is especially important with the mid-length to long length styles.

Styling Tips - Heat Friendly Synthetic

  • Only use a wide tooth comb when styling or detangling hair.

  • Only use products that are especially designed for synthetic hair extensions.

  • Heat friendly synthetic fibers can withstand heat tools up to 170 degrees Celsius, however we recommend between 130-140 degrees Celsius.

  • Air drying your hair extensions instead of blow drying can help maintain the integrity of the hair fiber.

Curling Heat Friendly Synthetic

  • Using a wide tooth comb, gently comb hair free of tangles.

  • Heat the curling iron to 130-140 degrees Celsius.

  • Take a 1"-1.5" section of hair (smaller section = tighter curl, large section = looser curl).

  • Spray a heat treat thermal spray on the section to protect the hair fibers.

  • Gather hair into curling iron, smooth through to the ends, roll up towards base of iron.

  • Hold for 10-15 seconds, turn the tip of iron towards the ground, release curl into palm of hand.

  • Holding curl in one hand, gather up towards base and clip the hair with a hair clip.

  • Allow curl to cool completely (about 5-10 minutes), remove the clip and allow the curl to hang naturally.

  • Hair can be combed (use fingers for best results) to blend curl.

Straightening Heat Friendly Synthetic

  • Using a wide tooth comb, gently comb hair free of tangles.

  • Heat a hair straightener to 130-140 degrees Celsius.

  • Spray a heat treat thermal spray on the section to protect the hair fibers.

  • Take a 1"-1.5" section, starting at least 2 inches away from base, slowly smooth hair straightening iron down towards ends.

  • Keep the hair smooth with the wide tooth comb, following behind with the straightening iron.

  • Allow the hair to hang naturally to cool.