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The Truth About Hair

The Truth About Hair

From years of experience, the team at Beauty & Hair Australia (Easi Hair Extensions' parent company), have become experts in hair. We believe in educating our clients by providing informative and factual information that will only help you make an informed decision before purchasing any products. So read on and learn the truth about hair from the people who actually know.

Virgin Hair

Virgin hair is the highest quality hair you can buy. True and authentic virgin hair will only be available in a natural dark tone such as colour 1B or 2. The hair will have the cuticle intact and all the hair strands will be laying root-to-tip in one direction, to prevent tangling or matting. Virgin hair will NOT have been subjected to any colour, perming or other chemical process. This means it is possible to colour or perm this hair to suit your own natural hair style.

Virgin hair generally originates from southern India. Hindus travel from all over the world to offer their precious hair as a gift to the temples. This ancient, spiritual procedure is carried out to give thanks or to ask for blessings. The hair is then collected and taken to auctions where buyers and distributors purchase the large quantities of hair and then send it to factories where it is sterilised, washed, dried and then sorted.

Virgin hair is the very best quality and this will most definitely be reflected in the retail cost of the hair extension or hair piece. If you are offered virgin hair and you think the price is “cheap” then it is most certainly NOT going to be virgin hair. Buyer Beware!

Remy Hair

The term “Remy hair” is the most misused term in the hair extensions industry. Because Remy hair extensions are the most sought after and marketed grade of hair extensions in the European markets, many far eastern manufacturers (blatantly) manufacture FAKE Remy hair and sell it to unsuspecting minor retailers’ web-stores and wholesalers. These re-sellers are fully aware that the product they are selling is not genuine Remy hair, but they sell it to consumers anyway knowing that by the time the consumer realises the product they purchased is low quality, it’s too late to get a refund.

What is Remy hair? Each hair strand in Remy hair extensions or hair piece has an intact cuticle layer and lies in one root-to-tip direction, which eliminates matting or tangling. Remy hair will predominately originate from China or India. You will find that Remy hair is available in a range of different shades to match your own natural tones. Simply put, the hair is always in good condition, long lasting and extremely soft and luscious. The hair is a close match to the European type hair; it’s easy to work with and exceptionally versatile. Genuine Remy hair is expensive, should you be offered cheap Remy hair then its just not real Remy hair.

Standard Hair

Standard hair is most commonly used by hair extension technicians and consumers. The hair is 100% human hair and non Remy. The cuticle is removed, dyed and then coated with a silicone to give it a shiny and natural looking feel. The hair is not as long lasting will tangle easily, yet the hair is affordable and easily obtainable. If you’re looking for temporary hair extensions, or if price is the only criteria and the performance and quality of the hair doesn’t matter, then there are many companies that can provide you with inexpensive human hair extensions. Problem being that over time they will become dry, tangled and unmanageable the more you shampoo them, eventually becoming unwearable as the silicone coating washes away.

Brazilian Hair

“Brazilian hair” is only a term. Do not be fooled that women from Brazil chose to have their hair cut off to sell to hair extension companies, distributors or factories. The volume of so called “Brazilian hair” on the market today is massive and there is not that amount of Brazilian women who would willingly cut off and sell their hair. The reason why this product is called Brazilian hair is for its appearance and texture ONLY. The majority of “Brazilian hair” actually originates from India, but also from China. Brazilian hair is beautiful and shimmers and shines in the light whilst maintaining durability and softness with incredible tangle free quality. This hair comes at a demanding cost, so if this is your desire then be ready to dig deep into your pockets.

European Hair

European hair (Russian) refers to Caucasian hair from the western world, predominantly Russia. In the western world, there are very few women willing to sell their hair, meaning high demand with limited supply and high prices. European hair has a fine denier and has natural light brown and blonde shades, meaning less processing. Not recommended for coarse hair textures, but can be used by hair types other than Caucasian. European hair is naturally silky and shiny and considered to be the highest quality of hair extensions you can buy.

Chinese Hair

Chinese hair tends to have a thicker follicle than European hair and has little to no curl. Natural state is black or brown, meaning the hair must be bleached to remove the pigment, then deposited with colour. As long as the process is done correctly, the hair will not lose its quality after extreme processing. Chinese hair is very strong and flexible and is suitable for most hair textures. Known for being sleek and manageable, while maintaining a naturally straight texture. Unlike Indian hair, it will not become frizzy or wavy in humidity.

Indian Hair

Indian hair is one of the most common hair types on the market, as there is a large population of women who regularly donate their hair for religious purposes. Indian hair has a similar texture and density to European hair and is versatile and easy to style. Blends well with most hair types, especially African American hair, and has a light, bouncy feel to it. Although hair tends to become frizzy in moist temperature, high quality Indian Hair will be able to maintain its silky texture with proper care and maintenance. Use of anti-frizz products at the ends is highly recommended.

Buyer Beware

The hair extensions industry is flooded with fake and poor quality hair extensions. There are many companies that use the term Remy, Virgin or European hair fraudulently. Companies may state it on their packaging, websites, information leaflets and they may even tell you over the counter that it is the genuine article but please do not be fooled by this.

You get what you pay for. If you are looking for the best quality hair, only buy from reputable companies and do not compromise on price.